Monday, May 17, 2010

45c equals 113 f

We are still having the temperature of 45 c. it is increasing day by day. We have sufficient water at the hospital (living water) and other places. You have asked about the portable fans. We need ceiling fans. Each (Orient company fan, high speed) costs Rs. 1500/- [$40 USD]. If anybody likes to provide they are welcome. We are very cautious about old people and children. Many people are dying because of high temperature. In some places more than 45c. Please pray for us. It is not possible to come out after 10 am in the morning time. In some places we had rain. It is a very surprise to have that at one place too much heat and at one place too much rain. Thank you for asking about fans. Convey my greetings to everyone.

Thanking you

Yours in Christ

Bro. Henry

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