Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The First Guests of the HIV Centre

Brother Henry Bhasker wrote, "At present there are 7 patients residing in our HIV/AIDS Centre; five are HIV patients and two are T.B. patients." 
The mom and the child pictured above are Sony (age 27) and Sridhar (age 3). Sony contract HIV from her infected husband five years ago; her husband died right after the birth of Sridhar.  Now being a widow AND being infected, she was totally cast out from society. Sony and Sridhar came to Good Shepherd Mission looking for help with their ailments; that's when Sony found out she was HIV-positive.  Both live in their own cottage funded by a Global NIM donor, and receive HIV therapy.

Two tuberculosis patients reside in one of the cottage units and receive therapies for their condition.
A married couple, Ramesh (29) and Jyothi (23) have been HIV-positive for four years now.  Their two children have died.  Ramesh has had very low red blood cell counts and has received transfusions; he is under close supervision by a doctor.  Please pray for this couple.

This photo was taken inside of their cottage. They share a bathroom with Sony and Sridhar. 
Good Shepherd provides each of these individuals clean living quarters with daily food, medical treatments and companionship.  They learn that Jesus loves them by the care shown by Good Shepherd's staff.  The alternative to these living arrangements is squalor, hunger and hopelessness. 

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Abby said...

How exciting to hear that GSM is finally hosting the first guests in the Centre! What a wonderful ministry and opportunity for the families. God is awesome! I pray that these new guests will find the True Peace which has the power of eternal renewal!