Thursday, January 28, 2010

About second and third phases...

Brother Henry wrote us about the second (administrative building) and third phase (4 other cottages) of the HIV/AIDS Centre:

The second phase (ADMIN building) and the first cottage in third phase is about to complete. Plastering work has been done and flooring has to be fixed. The work is going on. For the second phase we need 2 lakhs rupees [$4,400] to complete the entire phase. The right side of the ground was in very low level when compare to the left side. We have risen nearly five feet high to make it equal. In the middle of building we have filled with 250 trucks of dust to make the whole ground in level. Now the level of building is above the road level. Now the water does not stagnate.

About electricity:
Special electrical connection is needed for the building. It has to come for a long distance. It has to be done by the electrical department of Andhra Pradesh. We have applied for that, it is under process they have estimated nearly 7 poles to bring the line to the centre. They also wanted to put a transformer .The cost of the electrical line and the other fees come around one lakh rupees [$2,200] or more, and we have to lay the Prayer Garden in front of all phases. The recent [Pennsylvanian] team laid path way with special bricks only in front of first phase. The second and third phase path way has to be laid with this special bricks and we want to put Jesus statue in the middle. Many things have to be done (gate, compound wall prayer garden etc.) .

As I said, last Sunday, Jan 10th, Praveen [Henry’s son] purchased some food grains and started cooking the food at HIV/AIDS building. We started cooking at the centre in a humble beginning. We need to equip the cottages with beds and cots, kichen, and other necessary things. We are praying for them. As the first phase has been finished (photo, right), we started providing food there. Hope Lord will provide sponsors for the patients who are going to stay there [$40/month].

May god bless you all. Please pray for our state [separatist movement within Andhra causing much unrest].
Yours in Christ,

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